czech nature at home.

“inspired by czech nature
and traditional cuisine i do my best to create an unforgettable culinary experience for you.

petr šmrha - chef

forest & meadow



saddle of deer, chestnuts,  blackberries, gingerbread, mousseline

425 czk


mixed salad leaves, rabbit confit, beetroot, shallots

245 czk




baked goat cheese, grapes, granola, microherbs

165 czk


kulajda soup,
poached egg, dill oil, wild mushrooms

95 czk


slowly baked bbq ribs, green beans, kale, bacon

420 czk


ox cheeks goulash, dumplings, speck, fried onion

415 czk

svíčková braised top blade, creamy
vegetable sauce, bread dumplings

385 czk



lake & river


salmon roe, salmon tartare, cauliflower, cucumber
165 czk

farm duck confit, red cabbage, apple, potato dumpling
385 czk


salmon, corn, risotto, mascarpone, tarragon, lemon

385 czk





caesar salad, anchovy dressing,

croutons, chicken breast

280 czk


escargots, spinach, parsley, garlic, breadcrumbs

165 czk

vegetable soup,
herb pesto

95 czk

fermented wheat, vegetables, chickpea
305 czk


eggplant schnitzel, light potato salad, vegan mayonnaise

305 czk


165 czk



meringue, salted caramel creme, walnuts, apple

cheese cake, plums, poppy seed

chocolate cake, chocolate sand, sour cherry gel, black sesame

selection of bohemian cheese, honey, walnuts, homemade marmelade 



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