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fresh market menu

we admire the passion of farmers,

their daily hard work on the farm

and all this only to create the best quality of production.

for us the hard work of farmers is a commitment to give the same care

to the preparation of the meal we cook at home.

vege burger
baked bell peppers, halloumi cheese, chickpea

340 czk / 13,4 eur 

pulled beef burger

caramelized onion, cheddar, pickles
355 czk / 14 eur 


hot deer

brioche, deer sausage, onion jam, juniper, chilli

340 czk / 13,4 eur


beef rump steak

wild mushroom sauce, baked potatoes, ash

495 czk / 19,7 eur

steak sandwich
beef flank steak, truffle mayo, tomatoes
425 czk / 16,8 eur 

open faced chicken sandwich

crispy bacon, fried egg, lettuce

280 czk / 11 eur


choose your side dish

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