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• czech republic •


ryzlink vlašský 

reisten, morava


wine with pleasant subtle minerality. distinctive and full-bodied aroma


620 czk / 24,4 eur


pinot blanc
reisten, morava


full bodied and structured with distinctive mineral hints and a long finish


620 czk / 24,4 eur


chardonnay hermes
gala, morava


dry wine, full bodied, fruity with distinctive minerality and fresh acidity


780 czk / 30,7 eur


zweigeltrebe rosé
arte vini, morava


fresh, fruity 

and suprisingly 

full-bodied rosé


580 czk / 22,8 eur


reserva orange
arte vini, morava


full, harmonious, taste of fruit with exotic spices


970 czk / 38,2 eur


pinot noir

arte vini, morava


delicious taste of forest fruits with an elegant and long finish


620 czk / 24,4 eur



grand cuvée
moravino, mikulov


taste of sweet jam underlined by the fine tannins which compliments the spice and chocolate tones


620 czk / 24,4 eur


pavel springer, morava


wine with a fruity touch, soft and and yet set taste with richness

in tannins


750 czk / 29,5 eur

• spain •


viña mayor
tinto roble


barrel aged 100 % tempranillo, powerful fruity aroma, full-bodied and well balanced, long finish, round and smooth


820 czk / 32,3 eur


glorioso crianza

hacienda grimón 



100 % tempranillo, bouquet of dark fruits such as blackberries with spicy notes of cinnamon and vanilla


820 czk / 32,3 eur


• italy •


pinot grigio
corte delle rose, venezie


rounded flavor with hints of pineapple, banana and ripe pears, intense fruity finish


580 czk / 22,8 eur


gavi di gavi docg
villa sparina, piedmont


dry wine with fruity taste, finished with a pleasant peach aroma


750 czk / 29,5 eur


rubiolo montepulciano
d’abruzzo doc
orlandi contucci ponno


fruity flavored as well as slight touch of tannins, dominant aromas are of ripe cherries and blackcurrant


620 czk / 24,4 eur


chianti classico docg

castello di verrazzano 



full bodied intense wine, hints of ripe

cherries accompanied by notes of spices, moderately long finish


885 czk / 34,8 eur


• argentina •


reserva chardonnay
bodega del fin del mundo
neuquen, patagonia


selected flavor with good body and structure, tones of peach and ripe apples 


720 czk / 28,3 eur


bodegas callia
san juan

very juicy in the mouth, with medium tannins

and notes of ripe dark fruit, a hint of smoke, caramel and raisins


620 czk / 24,4 eur

• france • 


chardonnay vdp
les frères couillaud
val de loire


bright and lively palate with a refreshing finish


620 czk / 24,4 eur


sauvignon ragottiere vdp
les frères couillaud
val de loire


grapefruit and lemon zest fruitiness, well structured and mineral taste


620 czk / 24,4 eur


côtes du rhône
paul autard
cotes du rhône


dry red wine, aromas of cherries andblueberries, pleasant soft and medium-long finish


680 czk / 26,8 eur


château le laborde



blackberry flavors with

vanilla and ripe tannins


620 czk / 24,4 eur


• chile •


cabernet sauvignon reserva
casas del bosque


opulent palate, blackberries, cinnamon and coffee grains, rich in ripe tannins


680 czk / 26,8 eur


carmenere reserva
casas del bosque


hints of spice, pepper and cherry, bodied wine, soft tannins and smooth taste


620 czk / 24,4 eur


• sparkling wines •


prosecco doc
corte delle calli


680 czk / 26,8 eur


bohemia sekt brut

520 czk / 20,5 eur

• champagne •


taittinger brut reserve

2 500 czk / 98,3 eur


moët & chandon

2 500 czk / 98,3 eur


piper heidsieck 0,375 l

880 czk / 34,6 eur

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