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february 14th, 5pm - 10pm

990 czk / 39 eur per person

amuse bouche


marinated salmon,

black salsify capuccino, pink pepper corns, lemon oil


prosecco frizzante doc 0,15 l

veneto / Italy


beef steak,

morels, potato gratin, spinach, baked carrot


syrah-merlot 0,15 l

chateauneuf-du-pape / france


rosé pana cotta,

raspberries , prosecco gel, red velvet sponge cake


coffee or tea

valentine's day

in igloo lounge

no igloo rental fee

cheese fondue

homemade bread, vegetables

980 czk / 38,5 eur / person


meat fondue

hot oil or bouillon, precut beef, chicken or pork meat,
baby potatoes, vegetables, sauces & dips

980 czk / 38,5 eur / person

70% dark chocolate fountain

with fondue as a dessert

450 czk / 17,7 eur / person

bottle of prosecco


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